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No. What we perceive as diseases are due to the symptoms of the Special Biological Programs either during their Conflict Active (CA) phases, Epileptoid crises or during their Post Conflictolysis (PCL) Phases. For example, ...For e.g., a heart attack comes due to a spasm of the coronary artery during the healing crisis known as epileptoid crisis. Pain in joints occur during healing phase.
(1) The conflict is determined by looking at the presenting complaint / symptom. (2) Check for biological handedness gender& hormone status. (3) Know the exact tissue/ Organ that is affected by the conflict impact. (4) Know the embryonic layer and brain relay. (5) Know if the symptoms are part of the conflict active phase, healing phase or epileptoid crisis phase. (6) Relate the conflict story to understand the perception of the individual & confirm the conflict with the presenting symptom.
Ans. Psychological counselling deals with only mental diseases whereas German New Medicine deals with both physical and mental. Psychological counselling gives resolution to mental conflicts whereas GNM therapy tries to understand the BIOLOGICAL CONFLICTS behind diseases and make a person understand it's Conflict Active, Healing and Epileptoid Crisis Phase. GNM Therapy plans for conflict resolution or downgrading of conflict situation in Conflict Active Phase and just watch for healing symptoms during Healing Phase. So GNM Therapy is way ahead of Psychological Counselling.
No, Knowing about biological conflicts and SBS can not prevent them.A biological conflict is an unexpected, highly acute and isolating conflict shock that occurs. A know-how of conflicts will help in connecting the dots between the symptoms and the conflict. Understanding of conflicts empowers the person to look at the SBS as a meaningful process designed by the Nature and to handle the symptoms without any fear about them.
THE EPILEPTOID CRISIS is initiated at the height of the healing phase and takes place simultaneously on all three levels,; the psyche, the brain and the organ. It can be very intense with intense conflict activity and it can appear as seizures, muscle cramps, dizzy spells, heart attacks,strokes and hemorrhages. With moderate conflict activity Epileptoid crisis passes without much disturbance.
Tracks are objects or triggering factors related with original conflict situation which in future acts like a DHS. For e.g. if someone is eating a fruit and at the same time she/he heard a sudden unexpected news; she/he runs a biological program.Our mind sometimes relate one object to another during crisis time so it can relate 'fruit' with that distressing event.It is the innate safety mechanism developed during evolution. Now anytime the patient eats a fruit a biological program runs. So 'fruit' becomes a TRACK and this process is termed as Allergy.
If we look into the evolution, across species, males have been responsible for selecting, building, procuring, and defending the territory. So males are subjected to territorial conflicts.
In Nature, we do not find instances where external medicinal substances being used for managing the conflicts that are quite unexpected. During the course of evolution , we have developed Special Biological Programmes based on the Five Biological Laws of Nature . In none of these inherent programmes , there is any requirement of a medicinal substance. Conflicts get healed by themselves. Therefore there is no need to administer medicinal substances. Resolving a conflict Resolving a conflict is also a process of learning and our chance to grow. The belief that we could bypass this opportunity with remedies or devices of any kind is locked into a paradigm that ignores the profound spiritual aspect of healing.
GNM does not advice for medicines. It's not yet another system of medicine but it's a revolutionary science of looking at the origin of diseases from evolutionary logic and so GNM believes that Nature has a purpose for production of the symptoms and the Nature has the ability to heal them if we allow the SIGNIFICANT BIOLOGICAL SPECIAL PROGRAM (SBS) to run its course and allow the healing complete itself without interrupting them with unnecessary medications.
GNM therapy is targeted to establish the Psyche brain organ relationship in producing a disease. Then to make the patient understand what exactly on the Psyche (specific conflict) has produced the disease in him. Then trying to understand whether that person is in Conflict Active Phase or in Healing Phase.If the person is in Conflict Active Phase, GNM therapy suggests ways to resolve or downgrade the conflict. If the person is in Healing Phase, GNM therapy helps to welcome the symptoms without panic and help in healing by allowing the Nature to remove the healing symptoms as well provided there is no conflict relapse. Precautions regarding epileptoid crisis is also explained.
No, day to day mild to moderate stresses do not generate DHS. It is the unexpected , highly acute conflict shock that gives rise to DHS.
Morsel is a 'small amount of food' or 'bolus' which we need frequently in our day to day life in order to survive. If we do not get the things needed in our day to day life or we can not adapt or digest some situations which are very important for us ; then we perceive them as "indigestible morsel conflict".
Diet and regime are very important in GNM. During CONFLICT ACTIVE PHASE a person should avoid sympathetic stimulating food like coffee, excess sugar, colas, caffeine drinks, medicines like steroids, antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(e.g. aspirin), antihistamines, morphine, cocaine, amphetamine and supplements as heavy doses of vitamin C, herbs like Echinacea and Ginseng . During Healing phase the person should assist Nature, by taking a lot of rest, protein rich diet like milk and eggs, and moderate exercise.
Conflicts give us the knowledge about the cause of the ailment. Knowing the conflict helps us to understand what was our perception of the situation & how it brought the physical symptom. But only with the knowledge of the five biological laws,we can assess the whole process( the SBS) & get a clear idea about the phase in which the patient is in. The helps us to decide what is to be done next. If we know the conflict active phase symptoms of every SBS , we can help the individual to resolve the conflict & initiate healing. If the patient is already in healing phase, we can educate him to welcome & accept it without fear or panic. Likewise in the "so called infections", it is important to educate the person to avoid antibiotics and antifungal medications which will hinder healing.
A “hanging healing” refers to the situation where the healing phase cannot be completed because of recurrent conflict relapses.

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