Historical and Monumental announcement of first ever celebration of World GNM Day (Germanische Heilkunde - GHK)

World GNM Day 2022 on 17th may 2022

To commemorate the 87th birthday of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, the founder of GNM (GHK – Germanische Heilkunde)

  • To pay tribute to the great soul of Dr Hamer.
  • To promote GNM worldwide.
  • 24 hours Online programs
  • Live on zoom platform and streaming on Youtube
  • Presentations, Experiences, Cases, Testimonials, Interviews etc.
  • All about GNM (GHK – Germaische Heilkunde), 5 biological laws of nature and Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer
  • Participants from various countries across the globe

Click here to join the celebrations, watch and listen to speakers from around the world

List of eminent participants from various countries

world-gnm-dayOrganized by
Global GNM

For details please contact:

1. Dr C J Varghese
+91 9447019733
(Founder Global GNM)

2. Danny Carroll
+91 98218 92000
(Chairman World GNM Day Celebrations 2022)